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  • ‘Drug that reverses heroin overdoses should be made more available’

    Experts from Scotland addressed the seminar yesterday, they stated that Naloxone has been made available to both Scottish drug services, as well as drug users, and was making a big difference.

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  • More naloxone drug overdose reversal kits distributed

    New figures reveal the distribution of the kits by health services and prisons has increased from 3,878 in 2012-2013 to 6,472 in the past year.

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  • Drug deaths reduced by world leading kit

    Official figures showing a two thirds increase in the number of naloxone kits issued has been welcomed by the Scottish Government.

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  • National Naloxone Programme Scotland – naloxone kits issued in 2013/14 and trends in opioid-related deaths

    This report presents information on the number of take-home naloxone kits (hereafter referred to as ‘kits’) issued as part of the national naloxone programme during 2013/14 (and comparisons with 2011/12 and 2012/13).

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  • Countries apart?

    All eyes were on Scotland last month in the run-up to the vote on independence, and, although the country eventually opted to stay part of the UK, there are signs that its drug-related death rate may be starting to head in a different direction.

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  • Presentation from the DRD conference

    You can now view the presentations and photos from the Drug Related Deaths conference.

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Film: training

Swansea10 min film shows how quick and easy it can be to opportunistically train people attending the needle exchange.

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Film: Reach For Me

Reach For MeDocumentary discussing naloxone distribution in the USA and problems caused by drug shortages.

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Naloxone Kits

Naloxone Kits 
ISD Scotland have released their report into the number of naloxone kits issued.

Download the report


Oct 2014
now available

DRD Report

The National Forum on Drug Related Deaths Have released their yearly report into deaths in Scotland. 


DRD Scotland

DRD Report

March 2014
now available

WHO Guide

The WHO have released a guide to community management of opiod overdose. 


WHO Guide

WHO Guide

Nov 2014
now available

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